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The training applies to anyone preparing a presentation for him or herself or for someone else and all of your presentation formats: paper, on line, Acrobat, Web site, PowerPoint presentation, webinar or training settings.


Participants will be able to use their newly acquired knowledge and skills immediately to create clear, compelling and effective presentations.

Improvement of...

  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Engagement with the audience
  • Clarity of message
  • Organization of ideas for maximum impact

Reduction of...

  • Confusion or disinterest in the audience
  • Participants feeling they are being 'talked at'
  • Frustration of the speaker feeling disconnected from the audience

> Training material provided to participants

  • Note-taking materials
  • Planning tools
  • USB 2.0 Jump drive with all the course materials and support material

> Logistics

  • Length of training: 1 day with ¾ day follow-up OR 2 full days
  • Number of participants: Minimum 6, maximum 12.
  • Cost: $1050 per participant plus HST (discounts apply for 'in-house' courses)
  • Required equipment: laptop, existing presentation or an assignment for a presentation

> Training highlights

  • 80% of class time is allocated to practical exercises that use your existing presentation material.
  • The approach is adjusted to your needs and responds during the training to adjust your material to a typical audience.

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