Michel Dupont

Specialist in the preparation of highly-effective, written communication

What can he do for you?

Michel Dupont, founder of POPSCOM, is a specialist in the preparation of highly-effective, written communication. He is an enthusiastic, bilingual trainer and consultant with strong interpersonal skills. Using a brain-friendly methodology, Michel teaches organizations to write for results in order to reach their business plan goals and to increase employees’ skills faster and at a lower cost.

Previous expertise

Michel was employed for 35 years in the Canadian Forces as a Human Resources Logistics Officer and was awarded three commendations during his career. He has practical experience in the management and delivery of personnel services, writing projects, teaching adults and re-engineering organizational processes. As a highly creative and energetic individual, Michel is a perfectionist, always aiming for the most efficient and effective business solution.


Michel is the proud father of four adult sons, and likes to keep fit and focused by playing squash, curling, doing hot yoga, to name just a few.

Communications challenges fascinates him

Michel has always been fascinated by communications challenges. How can information be presented so that people take appropriate action, learn, understand and remember what to do? Michel Dupont discovered the answers by learning how the brain processes new information. This discovery led to the founding of POPSCOM--Performant, Organized, Presentable and Structured COMmunications.

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