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How to use ancient laws to P.O.W.E.R. your presentation

Standing out in front of an audience

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One statement per slide

By putting only one statement per slide (and NO bullet points), you’ll create a targeted message with no communication channel distractions. This increases the effectiveness of your presentation and makes the material easier for the audience to understand. There is much less 'cognitive load'. It also makes it easier for you to engage your audience and read their reaction to your message.

Making information flowing smoothly

The smooth flow of information from the graphic you use and the words you speak give the audience a clear, sharp understanding of what you’re trying to get across. They remember what you’ve said more easily than with the traditional ‘Heading plus Bullets’ method that creates confusion in the audio-visual channel and destroys the credibility of the speaker.

Brain-Friendly approach

This 'brain-friendly' approach hits the mark every time. It is based on current cognitive research, of course, but is rooted in Aristotle's 'Art of Rhetoric' that dates back to 350 B.C. These ancient truths have withstood the test of time.


Jim Moran, MA Ed. has been presenting to audiences since 1977. He has used this approach with Federal Government departments, Provincial governments and Fortune 500 companies. His first book was published in 1995 – Some Things Never Change and a "Presentation" book – If Aristotle used PowerPoint is being prepared for release in 2012.

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