Designed for business people–executives, managers, supervisors and others–for whom writing is a primary task, the methodology is a thinking-and-writing tool unlike any other.


Participants will be able to use their newly acquired knowledge and skills immediately at work. Here is a summary of the benefits.

Improvement of...

  • 60% on the quality and readability of your communications;
  • 35% on the readers’ interest in your communications;
  • 30% effective and efficient use of time and energy put into your communications.

Reduction of...

  • 50% of the number of drafts required to finalize your communications;
  • 30% on your communications’ writing and reading time;
  • 40% of time required by your readers to find information that is pertinent to them.

> Training material provided to participants

  • One training manual;
  • One bilingual toolbar; ReadabarMC; and
  • Written exercise material..

> Logistics

  • Length of training: 2 days.
  • Number of participants: Minimum 6, maximum 16.
  • Cost: $900 per participant
  • Required equipment: 1 projector, 2 easels, 1 laptop per 2 participants.

> Training highlights

  • 60% of time is allocated to practical exercises that reflect your reality at work.
  • The presentation tools are adjusted to your needs and are tailor-made to present your texts: policy, procedure...
  • These techniques apply to all your written communication formats: paper, on line, Acrobat, Web site, PowerPoint presentation...

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